I think I like you.

Meet Trudy, a complete charmer.  Day one, shortly after first meeting, she declared out of nowhere “I think I like you”, and by the end of day two, a very sleepy little girl followed it up with, “did I like you yesterday?… because I think I still do”.  Oh how I love the refreshingly simple, honest minds of children, if only we could keep this view on life as adults I think we’d all be so much more content. Adorable.


Cwtch (pronounced cutch) is a well used and loved Welsh word for giving someone an affectionate hug. I had never really spent any quality time in Wales prior to this November. This is Whitesands bay a few minutes drive from the UK’s smallest city of St Davids on the wild & wooly Pembrokeshire Peninsula, a gorgeous little place whose residents (or at least the ones I met) have the temperament to match, but I guess who wouldn’t with scenery like this to behold on a daily basis.

Nikon roadtrip

I recently took a photography roadtrip to the French Pyrénées with a good Catalan friend of mine, three days, 1,200km, a fascinating yet slightly disturbing ‘pilgrimage’ to Lourdes (curiosity got the better of us), some rally-esk driving through some stunning rural French countryside, View full post »

Semana Santa

Holy week in Barcelona, especially when living on Calle Ferran, is eventful to say the least.  On Good Friday (Viernes Santo) I ate breakfast on my balcony whilst being serenaded by a host of blue-robed nuns whose voices left me with goosebumps and damp eyes… and later in the early evening I stepped out again to a full procession passing me by; one huge float portraying Christ on the cross led by black veiled mourners bearing candles and followed by this wonderful brass band of dapper old men. Perhaps the less obvious choice of photo to represent all those things, but for the atheist in me they captured the moment just perfectly.

Drap art

Lamp from debris – a close-up of one of the pieces in the Drap Art exhibition at CCCB {Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona}